The name of our company, 23 Degrees Roastery, is inspired by the Bean Belt, an area 23° north and south of the equator. This region is where most of the world’s coffee is grown.
 We hope that when you hear our name, you remember a coffee roasting company that values working partnerships. Our team also wants you to associate our name with being down-to-earth, straightforward, and honest.


What We Embody

  • Specialty Grade Green Coffee Beans
  • Certified Fair Trade
  • Certified Organic
  • Local Roasting
  • Freshly Roasted Coffee

Our Craft

The origin of coffee beans and the way these are harvested greatly shape how your coffee will taste. However, it is our meticulous roasting craft that truly brings out the flavour, aroma, and body of your favourite caffeinated beverage.
 We apply our artisanal techniques to the finest organic and fair trade Arabica beans and offer these products to give you outstanding coffee experience. Our team believes that no one should miss a freshly roasted cup of coffee made from our handcrafted roasts.

Our Story


23 Degrees Roastery was officially launched in April 2011. Our passion for coffee has been brewing over the past 10 years, and the establishment of our company is the realization of our goals.

Benjamin Yu and his business partner, Ben Safa, teamed up to form a local Toronto business. They were intent on bringing freshly roasted, certified organic, and fair trade coffee to the Toronto scene.
 While the Canadian east and west coast coffee cultures have been well established, there has not been much of a local movement in Toronto, especially in retail. 23 Degrees Roastery aimed to change this and developed their roasts and blends to maximize the natural flavour of the coffee beans without burning or charring.
 The response from our consumers has been fantastic, and most of them say that our coffee provides one of the most flavourful and smoothest cups of coffee they have ever had. All it takes is one taste!

The Logo and Packaging


Our logo is one of the most distinctive features of our branding. We knew that we wanted a design that stands out in the coffee world—something edgy that would look good even beyond the coffee bag.
 We also wanted a logo that doesn’t immediately represent coffee and gives our brand a measure of intrigue. If you look closely, the coffee theme is still there. In addition to our name and a reference to the Bean Belt, you can see coffee beans scattered amongst the welling flames, which is a tribute to the roasting process we use to bring our beans to its fullest flavour.
 Thanks to Tibor Svajko, the amazing graphic designer behind our signature label, we’ve generated eye-catching packaging for our products. 23 Degrees Roastery has also been featured on the Dieline, the world’s number one website dedicated to packaging and design.